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Newbie Guide for making money from Google Adsense

Looking for Part time or full time passive income online then here I show the solution. working part time or full time helpful to pay your bills or its may be become your main source of income. If you like to earn money online the you are the right place.

Now a days working online is trend and it is easily available work which is done from anywhere in the world. Many user read or heard about the Google AdSense. Many user have also try to look after it on Google search but user have not get the perfect solution for the same. This post is just give you perfect ans to those who is looking for the what is AdSense and how it works and how anyone can earn money part time & full time with just working few hours.

This is a complete guide for a newbie like you who wants to work part-time & start earning money via AdSense. By the end of this epic guide, soon you will have all the required information along with the things you need to start earning money as soon as possible. So now we just skip some basic intro & learn how people making money from Google AdSense by working online & how you will be one of them.

What is Google AdSense & how make money from it?

Google AdSense is a free service offered by Google for publishers to monetize their own web content. A publisher can be anyone with a blog, Website, Youtube channel or other allowed online property. AdSense has always been most popular ways to monetize the content & it is easily and reputed due to its owns by Google so it is not fake.
The reason for AdSense popularity is because it is own by Google & easy to use it after initial conformation and configuration. After initial configuration all you need to do is sit back & see money coming into your account. AdSense payin time & you dont have to worry about being scammed online.
For starting your online income all you need is a Blog which is easily and free you get from Google or Youtube channel, to get approval for AdSense Account. Once you have a Adsense account, all you need to do is create Ads (Easy process) & place the Adsense code on your blog using plugin or with the editing of HTML template & after that Adsense will automatically display ads. Now when the reader or visitor click on the Ads, you will earn money from it. This is easy process after that all you need is Traffic to your blog, more traffic on your blog more income you will generate.
A  warning:
If you are thinking this is so easy & you can ask your friends or family to click on the ads, then you get paid then you are wrong. Google AdSense is a quality ad network that is free to join but they have maintained a high level of quality & any such activities where a publisher is asking to click on ads or using illegal methods to get more clicks,will cost you a disabled AdSense account. Once your account is disable then you and your family member cant make adsense account or not enable the account.
How much can you earn from AdSense & Income proof:
This is the most basic newbies often ask that how much you can earn. There are users who are making thousands of dollars every day with AdSense.

Creating your website, blog getting an AdSense account:

To apply for adSense account, you need blog, website or anything that is allowed by Google. There is three places where you can create your own web property in just few minutes for starting AdSense. These would take more or less time, it depend upon your level of understanding. Starting web property is available free & paid also but i recommended for free if you are newbie.
Create a free blog on Blogger:

Blogger is a free blogging platform by Google & you can create a blog of your own in next few minutes (About 10 minutes). This is the best and easy way for anyone who want to start online bolg and trying to make money. Few important things to keep in mind:
  • Domain name: Blogger offers a domain name such as selectedname.blogspot.com. It’s also we called site name. it is advisable that name used would be easy to remember, write & pronouned.
  • Niche: Start posting articles in one particular topic you are intrested and you have well knowledge. you can choose any topic like finance, space, science or anything. Ensure that any thing you post have atlest 400+ words and images. 
  • Design: When you are setting up your first blog on Blogger, you can use any template offered by them. They are good, but you can always use a 3rd party free template to make your BlogSpot blog look more professional.
  • Pages: Posts are for writing articles & pages are for important pages like about, contact & so on. Ensure you create & add About/Contact page from day one. Your about page will have a great impact on your blog visibility.& here you can learn why it’s so crucial to have an about page.
Create a Wordpress Blog (Smart & Professional way)

This one I recommended to those who have experiance of working online or making blog on it. More than 22% of the websites in the world is powered by WordPress & it is seen as most respected  platform of all time.
The idea of having your hosting & domain name is exciting & seems challenging at first, but WordPress makes it easier for anyone with no experience to gets started with their blog online.
Create a Youtube channel & upload original videos:
Now a days most popular method is Youtube to get an approved AdSense account. Most of the person love to record videos and images and with some of the video editing tool make video, If you also like to record video than this is the best method to get approval of AdSense account.
You need to create an account on Youtube, create a channel (It's free) & Start uploading original video or video that is you own created or make. You can use your mobile phone to record some original videos that can attract video watcher to watch your video or you can use Screencast video. so many application is present now a days for editing videos.
To give you an idea of what kind of videos you put like funny, cooking, teaching anything you would see on youtube. The possibilities are endless & there is space for everyone.
Once your Youtube channel is up for few days with constantly video upload (5-10 quality videos), you are most likely to be eligible for making money from uploaded videos.
Web property checked- What Next?
Once you have followed any of the above methods to create a web property for yourself. It’s time to apply for AdSense account.  The hard part is to get an approved by AdSense you only get AdSense if you are committed to work regularly and update your web property seriously. This is not one day rich scheme so you have to work regularly and slowly and you have a patience & dedication. The best thing is you paid handsome of you patience & dedication over the time you have given for it.
Apply for AdSense:
The next step is to fill out the AdSense application & wait for approval. Usually getting an approved account takes up to 7 days & in between if your application got rejected, don’t be upset & try to find out what is missing on your blog. Google need valuable publishers & it’s hard for first-timer to get things right.
AdSense approved: What should you do next?
Let me promise you one thing, the day you would see first few dollars in your AdSense dashboard, that feeling will be priceless. Now, since you have tested the joy of making money online, your next focus should be increasing the revenue.
Next step for you is to increase your traffic as more traffic will help you generate more money. Not only that, learn some basic AdSense optimization tips like Ad placement and targeting high CPC Keywords. Once you have done all this (Should take a couple of months), then you can focus on creating niche based AdSense sites.
Feel free to ask any questions regarding starting your first blog for AdSense. If you are stuck anywhere, you can always ask questions in Bloggers, where many readers like you hang out to help each other.
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